Our Vision

Engage sees a future where every graduate student has access to science communication training, and therefore good science communication becomes the norm. The outcome is an increased public trust and positive attitude toward science, ultimately strengthening the connection between the public and scientists.

Our Mission

To create, implement, evaluate, refine, and franchise cutting-edge science communication skills to graduate students and the larger scientific community in service of our vision.

Our Methods

Graduate students in the sciences at the University of Washington receive training in cutting edge research, but rarely in how to explain their research to non-specialists. Engage is an organization of graduate students in scientific disciplines that is addressing this need.

The purposes of Engage are:

  • To assist graduate students with developing skills in communicating with the public about science

  • To provide opportunities for graduate students to present their area of research to the public

  • To promote public awareness of scientific research conducted by graduate students at UW

We teach a seminar course for graduate students during the fall or winter quarter, then present a speaker series for the public in the winter and spring.